Why Free Language?

Why Free Language?

Free as in freedom, and as in beer!

That's a saying from the Free Software world to explain that "free" is more than just not paying - it's about freedom. But it's also about not paying!

  • We will never charge for access to any part of this site. It's free (as in price)!
  • Anything and everything that is original here is free (as in freedom) by the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License. This means it is part of the Public Domain, where it will remain.
  • Although we cover and recommend commercial products where appropriate, we dedicate the majority of our efforts to researching free resources and creating free information.
  • We encourage and support our users to collectively build a knowledgebase in the Public Domain.
  • Our goal is to provide awareness to learners and teachers about what free resources are available to them, and how to use them effectively. Paired with that, we also do recommend solid products worth the dough.


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