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Interested in learning Spanish! What would be a better alternative than learning it in Mexico itself? Anyone who is desirous is welcome in our system. He may be a junior, an adult or someone who is eager to grasp Spanish at the professional level - we are past masters in dealing with Spanish at any stage and level.

It has been seen that many people who wish for proficiency and mastery in Spanish have to be contented with a shallow knowledge of this complex yet beautiful language. They can’t even communicate with a native in a satisfactory way. So, where then is the slip?

It’s primarily in the faulty methods of teaching that most of the so-called ‘centres’ of Spanish adopt. We take every care that a learner is not devoid of the cultural and historical tones while learning Spanish in Mexico. This not only arouses his interest but also gives him an upper hand as far as the in-depth knowledge of Spanish is concerned.

Our course matter is meticulously planned in such a way that the learner slowly and gradually gets attuned to the vocabulary, sentence structure and pronunciation of Spanish just like a native speaker. He is even able to decipher the speech of a native with perfect ease. Even more, all the new developments and expansions that keep on taking place in Spanish (for that matter in any language) are incorporated into our course structure for the benefit of our students.

Our centers at Guanajuato, Playa del Carmen, Mexico city and Puerto Vallarta are the best that the world has to offer by way of Spanish learning. All the centers provide state-of-the-art infrastructure, spacious classrooms, multimedia facilities and carefully prepared course structure. These centers also provide ample opportunities to our students as far as interaction with the people and culture of Mexico is concerned.

Our students thus are able to appreciate, understand and incorporate those cultural nuances that make Spanish learning a truly advantageous and interesting activity. Informal varieties of the language are also well understood in this way and hence no problem is encountered by our students while dealing with the ground realities in their particular activity spheres. Apart from Mexico, one also has the option to learn Spanish abroad at many destinations throughout the world.

In short it can be said that our courses are prepared keeping in view the personalized needs of our students and the need for incorporation of the most recent developments that keep on happening in the linguistic arena.


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