Why Heritage Learners Aren't Normal Language Learners

<p>Do you know someone who grew up speaking a language at home as a child, but never fully developed it because their environment wasn&#39;t able to support it? </p>

<p>This community of speakers who grow up with a different dominant language is called <strong>heritage language speakers</strong>. They are often found in immigrant communities. In fact, here in the UK there are many thousands of them all over the country. </p>

<p>In this episode, I spoke to academics Petros Karatsareas and Katie Harrison who study heritage and community languages here in the UK.</p>

<p>We talked about</p>

<li>the conditions that create non-mainstream language environments</li>
<li>the identities of learning these languages as a migrant</li>
<li>why heritage learners exist in their own category of language learner</li>
<li> <strong>complementary schools</strong> providing extra language education often on Saturdays and evenings. </li>

<p>These schools are volunteer-run and bridge the gap that often exists between the heritage language and the mainstream education a child receives.</p>

<p>We also talked about what is different when you approach <strong>learning your own heritage languages as an adult</strong>. Do you need to know grammar? What about reading and writing? Where can you even go to learn a language in this unique situation? There are some heritage language programmes at universities in the USA, but Petros and Katie emphasized how much more needs to be done.</p>

<p>I came away from this interview hugely encouraged and inspired by the efforts of complementary schools here in the UK, and will do what I can to bring you a field trip recording in the next year.</p>

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