My Language Plan: Halfway Through 2020

<p>We&#39;re halfway through the year, so today&#39;s episode is an in-depth review of how it&#39;s gone so far. <br>
This is my #clearthelist entry for July 2020.</p>

<p>I&#39;m sharing how it&#39;s going with my Chinese studies, my Welsh language, and what I want to try next. You are invited to review your year and make notes as you follow along with this episode.</p>

<h3>Here are a few questions you can use for reviewing your own progress:</h3>

<li>What are the 3 biggest experiences that shaped your first half of 2020?</li>
<li>What are 3 things you want to remember about learning languages in the last 6 months?</li>
<li>How different do you feel about your language skills compared to the start of the year?</li>
<li>What are you working on right now?</li>
<li>Which specific actions will you take to make language learning progress in the next 30 days?</li>

<p><em>Thank you to Cait for this episode introduction.</em></p>

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