5 Great Pieces of Advice for Learning a Language in 2022

<p>Welcome to the new year! In today&#39;s small solo episode, I&#39;m introducing a few updates to this podcast and sharing my big projects for the year. This includes an update on my languages: some &quot;failures&quot; and some wins!</p>

<p>I&#39;ll also cover</p>

<h3>5 great pieces of advice for you at the start of 2022</h3>

<li>there is NO need to start learning new language just cos it&#39;s 1 January</li>
<li>you are allowed to listen to things in your native language if you like</li>
<li>commitment pays off with language learning (and podcasting)</li>
<li>community matters and your boundaries do too</li>
<li>your goals don’t always have to be achieved</li>

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