165: What's the ideal language learning environment?

<p>Sonia asks: "What's the ideal language learning environment?"</p> <h2>Episode Summary:</h2> <ul> <li>There's no such thing as the ideal, or best, language learning environment</li> <li>Learning to speak a language is heavily linked to affective factors - your feelings and how you react to the environment around you</li> <li>You can be very analytical, and conclude that complete immersion after a minimum of study is the "most efficient way"... but only if you're happy in that environment</li> <li>When I look back on my language learning story, my success has been heavily linked to my environment (e.g. Spanish friends in London vs isolation in Japan)</li> <li>The question I ask myself most when I learn languages now is: "How does this language make sense in the context of the lifestyle that I enjoy?" (e.g. In Hong Kong I didn't have great working conditions, so my language learning suffered as a result)</li> <li>If your French is still low-level, you still have a lot of work to do. You can do this naturally through speaking with people, or you can do it through formal study (or some combination of the two)</li> <li>Isolating yourself in rural France is a big gamble, where you and your personality will determine whether you succeed or not</li> <li>The question is not: "Is this the best way?" The question should be: "Is this the best way <em>for me?</em>"</li> <li>I don't know what your commitment to staying in France is, but don't be afraid to follow the path that makes you happier - life is about more than language learning</li> <li>In your specific situation, I would accept the reality that interacting socially is hard, and seek out a language partner or tutor (e.g. iTalki) who can help you get dedicated practice and build up your confidence</li> <li>It might seem perverse to pay someone to help you while you're in France, but it might be a smart move.</li> </ul> <h2>Today's Quote:</h2> <blockquote>I have been and still am a seeker, but I have ceased to question stars and books; I have begun to listen to the teaching my blood whispers to me. - Hermann Hesse</blockquote> <h2>Start speaking today:</h2> <p>I’d like to thank <a href= "http://iwillteachyoualanguage.com/italkishownotes" target= "_blank">iTalki</a> for supporting the show. To claim your free lesson and start speaking today, visit: <a href= "http://iwillteachyoualanguage.com/italkishownotes" target= "_blank">http://iwillteachyoualanguage.com/italkishownotes</a> </p> <h2>Do you have a question?</h2> <p>Ask me your language learning questions by <a href= "http://iwillteachyoualanguage.com/ask" target="_blank">clicking here</a>, and I’ll do my best to feature it on the show! Also, <a href="http://iwillteachyoualanguage.com/itunes" target= "_blank">please subscribe to the show on iTunes</a> to get automatic updates.</p> <hr /> <p>Thanks so much for listening to this episode of the podcast! If you’ve got any comments about the show then please leave them in the “comments” section below! If you’d like to help me out, then I’d love it if you could…</p> <ul> <li><strong>Share the episode</strong> using the social media buttons around you</li> <li><strong>Leave an honest review and rating of the podcast on iTunes</strong> (<a href="http://iwillteachyoualanguage.com/review" target="_blank">click here to do that</a>)</li> </ul> <p>iTunes reviews in particular really help the rankings of the podcast and help me to reach other aspiring language learners out there! See you in the next episode of the I Will Teach You A Language podcast!</p>


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