091: Luke Thompson on teaching and learning

<p>In this episode I talk with Luke Thompson from <a href="http://teacherluke.co.uk/" target="_blank">Luke's English Podcast</a>. Luke's been podcasting for over 7 years, and I asked him about the top three things he'd learnt during that time. He chose four things - but I won't hold it against him!</p>
<h2>In this episode:</h2>
<p>Luke's top lessons from 7+ years of podcasting:</p>
<li><strong>Attitude</strong> - It's vital for language learners to ask questions and be willing to fail</li>
<li><strong>Time</strong> - You must be willing to work regularly at your target language over time</li>
<li><strong>Practice</strong> - Practise often and don't be afraid to make mistakes</li>
<li><strong>Materials</strong> - Motivating and enjoyable materias are essential in order to enjoy the learning process</li>
<h2>Today's Featured Resource</h2>
<li><a href="http://teacherluke.co.uk/2016/02/26/332-olly-richards-english-polyglot-t... target="_blank">Luke's English Podcast 332: Interview With Olly Richards</a> - Hear my interview on Luke's podcast!</li>
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