A Big List of Thai Films/Movies with English Subtitles to Watch and Learn for Free

A Big List of Thai Films/Movies with English Subtitles to Watch and Learn for Free

Whether you call them films or movies...

Check out an impressive compilation of Thai films with English subtitles on YouTube.

This list of free Thai movies was compiled by YouTube user #tdebbie2002 and is an incredibly accessible resource for Thai learners of all levels.

A Quick Note to Viewers

Some of the films in the list have been removed for a variety of reasons, but there are still lots there to work with.

A Few Suggestions on Using Thai Films for Learning

Queue up a film you want to see and listen closely to the Thai being spoken. Beginner and intermediate learners may wish to read along in English. Advanced and functionally fluent learners: stop looking at those subtitles unless you hit something you don't know!

Stop the film any time when you come across some language byte that interests you. You can rewind and play again for many reasons, for example Thai listening comprehension and Thai accent improvement (if you speak back after the actors).

You can use films as a means to gain exposure to Thai language and Thai culture.

Teachers: Take a break for the day and show your students a Thai film.

Well, you don't actually have to take a break but if you need one, this is a great way.

You can also use these films as a launching point for discussion and plan lessons around the content.

Thanks #tdebbie2002

Thanks for putting together this awesome Thai language education resource!

Thai is just one of the languages... see all of #tdebbie2002's lists of films with English subtitles.


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