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Just came across a free site with an online interface for audio lessons in Spanish, French and Chinese.

From the site:

The Loquella Language Tool

Loquella's sophisticated language lessons are designed to teach you foreign languages quickly, from anywhere you have an online connection. Loquella is designed based on the well-respected Foreign Service Institute (FSI) language courses. FSI has been around for over 30 years, so Loquella took the best of FSI and combined it with additional features to make a language tool that is comprehensive yet fun and easy to use. FSI has traditionally been used by serious language students who plan to live and work abroad. However, we believe we have made the Loquella language tool a great resource for both the serious language student as well as the casual learner who wants to be able to say a few words while on vacation! Learn more about the Foreign Service Institute.

Learning Dialects Using The Language Tool

As anyone who has tried to learn a language will tell you, it's one thing to understand and respond to a question in a foreign language when it is spoken in a slow and well-annunciated manner. It's completely different to listen and repeat when actual people are talking in real dialects. As you get deeper into any language you will start to hear that people speaking the same language have very different dialects. That's why we provide sections that allow you to hear dialects used in various parts of the world.

Learn Language At Your Own Pace

The comprehensive Loquella language lessons teach you how to speak and read new languages at your own pace using a sophisticated language tool. There is no subscription, monthly fee or software to download to learn a language with Loquella. All you need is the Adobe Flash Player 8 installed on your browser. You simply come to our site when you want to use the language tool, and exit when you are done for the day. You can spend as much or as little time as you need using the language tool. Since the language course is free and online, you can practice and learn whenever and wherever you have free time and an Internet connection. Use the language tool during your lunch break, in between classes or anywhere you can get connected. A headset is recommended.

Language Learning Method

The method used in these language courses focuses on "over-learning" the language through repetition and language drills. This method will allow you to perfect your pronunciation, and memorize words and sentences no matter what context they are in. You will see, listen to and repeat many variations of the same phrases and sentences so you will completely understand how to use similar words in different contexts and situations by using the language tool.

Customize Your Language Course

At Loquella we know that everyone learns differently. That's why we have made the Loquella language tool customizable. Before you start the language course each time, visit the "user preferences" section inside the tool and select which order you would like to see or hear each sentence. Each person learns differently, that's why we allow you to customize it for yourself. Play around with the preferences until you get it to your own liking.

The Language Blog

If you have questions, or want to learn more about Loquella or the language tool, please visit the Language Blog. Here we try to answer questions and share new features and updates. Please post your comments and questions on the blog and we will do our best to answer them. You can also contact us via email.

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