Some Like it Free

The World Wide Web is making it possible to learn languages for free on a large scale.

As long as you can access the internet and have the free time to work at it.

Some are willing to pay for a commercial software or course package.

Others either can't or choose not to.

One of my visions for this site is to bring together free resources and couple them with effective commercial products.

In the process, the web entity produces economic wealth, which can be used to enhance the functionality.

When the site launches free user accounts, it will implement revenue sharing for users.

This is part of what people can request a BETA account to get involved in.

With enough people and funds involved, this website can gradually transform into a more direct tool for learning languages themselves. With enough energy, it will evolve into a collaborative force capable of teaching myriad human languages directly through the interface.

Then one could ask the "ethical" question: When do you stop using the entity to produce economic wealth?

My feeling is never.

As long as it is balanced.


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