Loads of Podcasts in Spanish and Portuguese Languages

Hispanocast LogoI just came across two sites that are associated and that offer nicely organized directories of available Spanish and Portuguese language podcasts.

Keep in mind: these are podcasts in Spanish and Portuguese - not directed at learners of those languages! These are great for intermediate to advanced and beyond level learners of these two languages to access loads of (hopefully interesting) audio content (sometimes with transcriptions) in their target language.

Lusocast LogoI just sifted through the Portuguese podcasts and found some that are quite interesting, one is called O Seqüestro do Rolo Sagrado and consists of chapters of what appears to be a book by Robson Ramos. Also of note is a podcast featuring Brazilian Lounge Music.

There are loads of podcasts at these two sites to meet anyone's interests, so have a look!

Visit Hispanocast.com for Podcasts in Spanish
Visit Lusocast.com for Podcasts in Portuguese


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