Note to Free Language Blog Subscribers

Hello to all blog subscribers out there! I want to inform you of some changes to the blog at Free Language.

Historically, the "blogs" on Free Language were a sort of gray area, with some people posting resources, some site updates, some random things, etc.

This is changing now! From now on, the Free Language blog will cover all things related to Free Language as a website, meaning information about updates and changes to the site, recent developments, ideas and plans for the future, etc. The blog will no longer be covering the learning resources themselves, except for periodic lists of all the latest updates.

If you are interested in receiving regular notices of updates specifically regarding languages, language learning and language education, please subscribe to the Free Language Front Page feed, which is:

Thanks for your interest in and support of Free Language. I look forward to continuing to build this resource in a more structured manner, so there is much good information and many excellent resources and methods to come.


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