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Radio Lingua Network One Minute Languages Podcast

Radio Lingua Network has a series of One Minute Languages Podcasts that are great intros for total beginner learners of German, Irish, Luxembourgish, Norwegian and Russian.

One Minute Languages Podcast Series

One Minute Languages German Podcast
One Minute Languages Irish Podcast
One Minute Languages Luxembourgish Podcast
One Minute Languages Norwegian Podcast
One Minute Languages Polish Podcast
One Minute Languages Russian Podcast

Happy St Patrick's Day in Irish

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The Radio Lingua Network: Language-learning on the move

The Radio Lingua Network puts you in control of your language learning.

Our programmes include materials for beginners in Spanish, French, Italian and German, with more languages and levels coming soon. Our materials are aimed at independent learners of all ages: all you need to learn another language is access to the internet and some enthusiasm! You can learn wherever you want to at a time that suits you. By using an iPod or another mp3 player you can take your learning with you - learning with podcasts allows you to learn a language on the move.


Podcasts are online audio or video recordings. You can listen to our podcasts on our website, or you can download them to your computer or mp3 player. The most effective way of using podcasts is by subscribing. This means that every time we release a new show you automatically receive it without having to go and look for the show on our websites. You can subscribe in iTunes and other podcast programs. Best of all, subscribing doesn't cost a penny!

Why podcasting?

Podcasting is changing language-learning for millions of learners across the world. It's no longer a question of going to a bookstore and buying a book and CD. Podcasting gives you free access to expert teachers. You can download what you want, and you can learn at your own pace, where and when it suits you. We believe you learn best when you're enjoying yourself, so learn German at the gym, Greek in the garden or Welsh as you walk the dog! The Radio Lingua Network is language-learning on the move.

And there's more

If you're reading your language-learning book and you have a question what can you do about it? You could ask your teacher at your next class, but if you're learning on your own then perhaps you have no way of finding the answer to your question. With Radio Lingua podcasts, you become part of a community: you can ask your fellow learners through the blogs and forums associated with each series and, in some cases, you can even contact the teacher directly.

Taking it further

All of our podcasts are available free via our websites and directories such as iTunes. However many of our titles also have extra materials which include downloadable pdf lesson guides which explain the language taught in each lesson; enhanced podcasts or and video versions which include flashcards of the words and phrases presented on the screen of your computer or portable media player as you listen; bonus audio podcasts giving you further opportunities to practise the words and phrases you have learned in each lesson; review podcasts which summarise the language covered in previous lessons; and other materials like printable quizzes, online activities and even mobile phone versions of the podcasts. Each series has a different combination of features: visit the individual websites for more information.



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