10 Reasons to Learn Brazilian Portuguese

10 Reasons to Learn Brazilian Portuguese

1. Communication with the Locals

Right? Communication is absolutely an essential. You can't get to know someone without it. This is what makes the world go round. It's what drives the universe. You Can't maintain a relationship without communicating. Some people thrive for communication. Can't live without communication. And when you learn to communicate, you open the doors to more challenges, friendships, relationships. The sky's the limit my friend. Sorry to beat this dead horse, but, in my humble opinion, I believe you're quite intelligent. You wouldn't be reading this if you weren't.

2. Discover a New Culture

Brazil has a lot to offer when it comes to culture. I kid you not. I have lived here for years, and to this day, I'm still here. Here there's everything from Samba dance to Brazilian new wave rock. "Carnaval" would be the single most important event that happens every year. People flock from all over the world to come and see the Carnaval. For those not familiar, it is Brazil's equivalent to New Orleans Mardi Grau with a touch of the Macy's Day Parade. Every year, you will find beautiful Brazilian woman dressed in clad brilliant and colorful. With amazingly decorated floats, and Samba dancers, half naked, all around.

3. Learn a New Language

Sorry to be so obvious. Hope I didn't insult your intelligence. This one's a "no brainer". But who hasn't dreamt about learning a foreign language.

4. Make New Friends

Myself, I have made quit a few friends here. This obviously would not have happened had I not learned Portuguese. This opens the channels to numerous other platforms of communication like, chat, email, or good ol fashion snail mail. Like creating a pen pal online. Go visit some of the "Bate-Papos" (Brazilian chatrooms) and, as the people here say "Hit the Papo".

5. Plan Exciting Trips to Brazil

Did I leave a juicy appetite for a Brazilian Carnaval in your cultural tastebuds? Just imagine having learned Brazilian Portuguese. You will be able to plan your dream vacation and see all the famous sites and attractions that they have to offer. For example, Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro. See the amazing nightlife at Fortaleza's famous Praça do Estressado. Take a trip down the Eastern Coast and visit all the wonderful cities like João Pessoa or Natal.

6. Brain Power

It is true that, when we learn a new language, the mind becomes more open to a new context of knowledge. And knowledge is power.

7. Open the Door to More Interesting Opportunities

Ever thought about a job teaching English to foreign students? This would be the perfect opportunity to do so. I teach English here as a part time job. You can apply with public companies like "Wizard", "Yázigi", or "Skill". This is because, most people here have a prerequisite of learning English in order to get into a college or a university.

8. Discover New Music

Music, music, music. If Brazilians know anything - besides partying - it's music. And since there is so much culture here, there are many varieties and genres of music. In each region, they listen to their own brand of music. Here in the Amazon region, it is Música de Brega (brega music) which really is a re-mix of popular music. Then there is Música Forró, Pagode, Samba, all the way down to New Wave and mainstream rock.

9. Learn a New Dance

Many kinds of dance to learn here. Every woman here knows to dance the "Samba". Many different forms of dance. There is the Quadrilha Dance from the "Festa Juvina". It is kind of like Square dancing. If you want to learn to party hardy, you got to learn to dance.

10. Learn How to Party Like a Brazilian

Did I mention that Brazilians love to party? Like nobody's business. when it comes to parties, they really know how to throw em. Birthday parties, football parties, New Years Eve parties, or just a Friday night get together. And when someone here has a party, you can bet the entire neighborhood will be in attendance.

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- Daniel Baker

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